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Volunteer training courses for 45th APACPH Conference successfully completed in Wuhan, China

School of Public Health at Wuhan University will be hosting the 45th Asia-Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health (45th APACPH) in October 2013. In order to run the event with great hospitality and careful preparation, on May 25th - 26th the School of Public Health carried out four targeted volunteer training courses.

Training Course Preparation

May 20th, undergraduate counselor, Ms. Nianfang Chen held a pre-preparation meeting on volunteers training; more than 130 students who applied for volunteer position attended this meeting. Ms. Chen introduced the time, place, and preparatorywork of 45th APACPH, and also debriefed the responsibilities of volunteers to attendees. Ms. Chen also introduced volunteer training arrangements and assigned homework for all the attendees - to introduce Wuhan University and Wuhan City in English.

First Training Course - 45th APACPH Background Introduction

At 9:00 on May 25th, training on service staff and volunteers for 45th APACPH started on time. Dr. Moying Xiao, deputy secretary of CCP described the background, objectives, content arrangement of this very training course. Associate Professor, Assistant Dean Dr. Qiqiang He introduced the background of APACPH.

Professor He made a detailed introduction on the theme of the conference, the schedule, the experts, and the scale.

The theme of this conference is "Global Health", covering Mental Health, Infectious Diseases and other 16 sub-themes. Specific schedule is as follows: the afternoon of the October 24th is for the evidence-based medicine; 25th is for Congress member and Dean’s meeting; the opening ceremony of 45th APACPH will be held on the morning of 26th; from 25th to 26th, 16 sub-topics meetings and four thematic sessions will be held; the afternoon of 26th is for the closing ceremony.

Finally, Professor He requested students to learn English hard, saying he hopes everybody, no matter verbal reporter, contributor, or volunteers, will be able to participate 45th APACPH actively; not only to make their own contribution for the success of this Conference, but also to strength all aspects of their own ability.

Second Training Course - Foreign Affairs Reception

The speaker is vice president of Hubei Institute of International Etiquette, Professor Li Jing from Wuhan University School of Politics and Public Management.

Professor Li carefully explained etiquette principles for foreign affairs and diplomatic etiquette distinction, and provided specific tips for operational arrangements. Professor Li explained that as the host, we need to be warm and friendly, and also exhibit reasonable manners; further, we need to emphasize equality, but we also should take into account the specificity of some different cultures.

Third Training Course - Introduction of Wuhan and Wuhan University

Organized by Ms. Nianfang Chen, 130 public health undergraduates formed into 7 groups, each group pointed out one outstanding member to make an oral report about Wuhan and the Wuhan University in English; this activity was hosted by one of the volunteers, Ms Wu Simin. Finally, teachers with rich foreign affairs reception experience and public health graduate students provide detailed review and valuable suggestion for each group.

Fourth Training Course - Social English

On the morning of May 26th, English teacher of School of Public Health, deputy director of Global Health Institute at Wuhan University, Mr. Zhiyu Chen gave an important English lesson for the students.

First, through a number of scenarios oral exercises, Mr. Chen trained the students to learn the English language and culture differences in daily conversation from every instance of in-depth dialogues.

Then, Mr. Chen gave a speech entitled "English Training for the Volunteers of APACPH Conference".

In closing, the volunteer training courses for 45th Asia-Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health were successfully completed on May 26th. Ms. Nianfang Chen made a concluding speech, and highly appraised the motivation and devotion of the public health students who had participated in the training initiative.

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