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Progress Summary Meeting of the Preparatory Work of 45th APACPH Conference Was Convened

July 30th, the progress summary meeting of the preparatory work of 45th APACPH Conference was convened at the Global Health Institute. Prof. Zongfu Mao, Dean of the School of Public Health; and Haiyan Xiao, Deputy Dean of the School of Public Health attended the meeting.

Each member of the Secretariat of the 45th APACPH Conference in Wuhan reported the progress and plans of the preparatory work. Prof. Zongfu Mao praised each member’s hard work and gave directive instructions for the next step. He particularly pointed out that the abstract submission of 45th APACPH Conference was coming to an end; preparatory work had entered the countdown stage. He hoped that everyone could finish the work efficiently with solidarity and cooperation, so as to hold this conference successfully. Subsequently, regarding to some difficulties, the Deputy Dean, Ms. Xiao provided practicable advice for meeting participants and everyone actively discussed together with great enthusiasm.

After the meeting, each member unified the thoughts, classified tasks, and is full of confidence that the 45th APACPH Conference will be a very successful one.

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