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Jay Maddock, PhD


Jay Maddock, PhD
Social & Behavioral Health Sciences
Health Policy and Management


Academic Degrees
PhD (Experimental Psychology), University of Rhode Island
MA (Experimental Psychology), University of Rhode Island

Research Interests (past and current)
Community Level Health Promotion
Physical Activity and Nutrition
Sun Exposure and Skin Cancer
System Thinking

Awards & Honors
• US Surgeon General’s Community Champion Award – Healthy Hawaii Initiative (2009)
• Bank of Hawaii Community Leader of the Year, 2008
• Fellow, President's Emerging Leaders Program, University of Hawai‘i System (2007)
• USDHHS Secretary's Innovation in Prevention Award (2006) - Health Hawai‘i Initiative
• Chancellor's Citation for Meritorious Teaching, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa (2005)
• Forty Under 40, Pacific Business News, Class of 2008
• Study Selection, NIH Community Level Health Promotion (2008-2012)
• Delta Omega, Gamma Chapter, National Public Health Honor Society, Faculty inductee (2007)

Current Research Grants
• 2009-2012 The Project Success Model: Evaluation of a Tiered Intervention. Funded by the NIDA. 1R01DA021856-01A2. Principal Investigator: Thomas Wills, Ph.D. Role on Project: Co-Investigator.
• 2009-2011 Hawai‘i Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Program. Funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 1U58DP001411-01. Project Director: Lola Irvin. Role on Project: Evaluation Lead. $617,725
• 2008-2010 Hawaii Physical Activity and Nutrition Coalitions. Funded by the Hawaii State Department of Health. Principal Investigator. $949,981
• 2005-2009 The Healthy Hawaii Initiative: Evaluation and Research. Funded by the Hawaii State Department of Health. Principal Investigator. $2,071,139
• 2007-2011 Physical Activity in Women with Infants. Funded by NCI 1R01CA115614-01A2. Principal Investigator: Cheryl Albright. Role on Project: Co-Investigator. $519,195.
• 2007-2008 Developing Physical Activity and Nutrition Coalitions. Funded by the Hawaii Department of Health. Principal Investigator. $203,685.12.
• 2007-2009 The HEALTHY Women and Children’s Program: Healthy Elimination And Lowering of Tobacco in Households for Youth. Funded by the Hawaii Community Foundation. Principal Investigator: Meta Lee, MD. Role on Project: Mentor. $300,000.
• 2006-2010 Hawaii Health Data Warehouse. Funded by the Hawaii Department of Health. Principal Investigator. $6,578,896.
• 2005-2007 Improving Direct Measurement of Sun Protective Behaviors. Funded by NCI RO3 CA115092-01. Principal Investigator. $100,000.
• 2005-2007 A Study of Physical Environmental Factors and Their Association with Leisure-Time Physical Activity in Public Parks in Diverse Communities. Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Principal Investigator: Myron Floyd, Ph.D. Subcontract Principal Investigator. $37,344.

Selected Publications (2005-present)
• Albright, C.L., Maddock, J.E. & Nigg, C.R. (2009). Increasing physical activity in postpartum multiethnic women in Hawaii: results from a pilot study. BMC Women’s Health, 9:4.
• Zhang, D., Bi, Y., Maddock, J.E. & Li S. (in press). Sexual and reproductive health knowledge among female college students in Wuhan, China. Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health.
• Parrish, J.W., Katz, A.R., Grove, J.S., Maddock, J.E. & Myhre, S. (2009). Characteristics of women seeking emergency contraception at a university-based women’s health clinic. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, epub ahead of print.
• Nigg, C.R., Lippke, S. & Maddock, J.E. (2009). Factorial invariance of the Theory of Planned Behavior applied to physical activity across gender, age and ethnic groups. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 10, 219-225.
• Kittinger, D.S., Mayet, S.T., Niess, S., Kopera, J., Keller, S. & Maddock, J.E. (2008). Examining the predictive value of the Theory of Planned Behavior and stages of change on fruit and vegetable intake. Hawaii Journal of Public Health, 1, 45-51.
• Mau, M.K., Wong, K.N., Effrid, J., West, M., Saito, E. & Maddock, J.E. (2008). Association of environmental factors of obesity across three communities with varying Native Hawaiian population densities. Hawaii Medical Journal, 67, 233-6.
• Maddock, J.E., O’Riordan, D.L., Lee, T., Mayer, J. & McKenzie, T. (2009). Use of Sunglasses in Public Outdoor Recreation Settings in Honolulu, Hawaii. Optometry and Vision Science, 86, 165-166.
• Heinrich, K.M., Hsu, LJY, Johnson, C.B., Jokura, Y., Rider, M. & Maddock, J.E. (2008). Food security issues for low-income Hawaii residents. Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health, 20 Supp 64-69.
• Maddock, J.E., Reger-Nash, B., Heinrich, K., Leyden, K. & Bias, T. (2009). Priority of activity-friendly community issues among key decision makers in Hawaii. Journal of Physical Activity and Health,6, 386-390.
• Heinrich, K.M., Jokura, Y. & Maddock, J.E. (2008). Exercise self efficacy and social norms as psychological predictors of exercise behavior. Athletic Insight, 10(2) Available on-line at:
• Nigg, C.R., Borelli, B., Maddock, J.E. & Dishman, R. K. (2008). A theory of physical activity maintenance. Applied Psychology: An International Review, 57, 544-560.
• Keller, S., Maddock, J.E., Hannover, W., Thyrian, R.J. & Blaser, H-D (2008). Multiple health risk behaviors in German first year university students. Preventive Medicine, 46, 189-195.
• Brownson, R.C., Kelly, C.M., Eyler, A.A., Carnoske, C., Grost, L., Handy, S.L., Maddock, J.E., Pluto, D., Ritacco, B.A., Sallis, J.F., Schmid, T.L. (2008). Environmental and policy approaches for promoting physical activity in the United States: a research agenda. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 5, 488-503.
• Floyd, M. F., Spengler, J.O., Maddock, J.E., Gobster, P. H. & Suau, L. (2008). Park-based physical activity in diverse communities of two US cities: an observational study. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 34, 299-305.
• Eyler, A., Brownson, R.C., Evenson, K.R., Levinger, D., Maddock, J.E., Pluto, D., Troped, P.J., Schmid, T.L., Carnoske, C., Richards, K.L., & Steinman, L.E. (2008). The power of policy in the development of community trails. Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 33, 407-427.
• Maddock, J.E., Silbanuz, A., & Reger-Nash, B. (2008). Formative research to develop a mass media campaign to increase physical activity and nutrition in a multiethnic state. Journal of Health Communication, 13, 208-215.
• Choy, L., McGurk, M., Tamashiro, R., Nett, B. & Maddock, J.E. (2008). Increasing safe places for physical activity through a joint use agreement: a case study in urban Honolulu. Preventing Chronic Disease, 5(3) Available on-line at
• Floyd, M. F., Spengler, J.O., Maddock, J.E., & Gobster, P. H. (2008). Environmental and social correlates of physical activity in neighborhood parks: An observational study in Tampa and Chicago. Leisure Sciences, 30, 360-375.
• Ahedo, A.M., Lee, T.W., Pan, J., Heinrich, K.M., Keller, S. & Maddock, J.E. (2007). Factors affecting the consumption of away from home foods in Hawaii residents. Californian Journal of Health Promotion, 5(2) 1-12.
• Tomioka, M. & Maddock, J.E. (2007). Predictors of smoking and alcohol use in Japanese and Japanese-American college students. Californian Journal of Health Promotion, 5(2) 45-57.
• Gentry, L.A., Chung, J.J., Aung, N., Keller, S., Heinrich, K.M, & Maddock, J.E. (2007). Gender differences in stress and coping among adults living in Hawaii. Californian Journal of Health Promotion, 5(2), 89-102.
• Heinrich, K.M., Johnson, C. B., Jokura, Y., Nett, B. & Maddock, J.E. (2008). A survey of policies and local ordinances supporting physical activity in Hawaii’s counties. Preventing Chronic Disease, 5 available on-line at
• Barnett, J.D., Nigg, C.R., De Bourdeaudhuij, I., Maglione, C. & Maddock, J.E. (2007). The effect of item order on physical activity estimates using the IPAQ. Californian Journal of Health Promotion, 5, 23-29.
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