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Zongfu Mao, PhD

Zongfu Mao, PhD

Population and Health

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Born in Hubei Province on July 21, 1964, Dr. & Prof. Zongfu Mao is now an advisory committee of the government of Hubei Province, dean of the School of Public Health of Wuhan University, director of Global Health Institute, standing director of the Health Statistic Association of Hubei Province, vice chairman of the Medical Statistics Education Branch of Chinese Health Information Association, and the general secretary of China Pharmacoepidemiology Professional Committee, committee of review board of National Higher Institute Second-round Planned Textbook for Specialty of Health Administration.
He has ever taken on the Science-technology Project in the National “Tenth Five-Year-Plan” of China, the National Key Technology Program of the National “Eleventh Five-Year-Plan” of China, and the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) program. In total, he has undertaken over 20 scientific research projects of the Ministry of Public Health and Health Department of Hubei Province. He has published 6 SCI articles, and over 50 papers in national authoritative journals.
For his extraordinary contributions, he was awarded the second prize of Excellent Technology Outcomes from the State Population and Family Planning Commission, the second prize of Science and Technology Award from Chinese Medicine Institute, and a number of achievement awards of provincial level. Numerous studies of him have been adopted by either the state government or the government Hubei province.

Academic Degrees
2001.9 - 2006.11: pathogen biology major, Wuhan University, PhD
1997.9 - 2000.11: environment health and labor health major, Wuhan University, M.D.
1983.9 - 1987.6: mathematics major, East China Normal University, Bachelor's Degree

Research Interests
Health Policy in Rural Areas

Evaluation of family planning

Long-term care of the aged

Evaluation of new drugs in clinical trial

Selected Publications
• Managerial Epidemiology (People's Medical Publishing House) Chief Editor.2012
• Investigation Report of Hubei Province Primary Health Service (Hubei Publishers of Science And Technology) Associate Editor.2007

A List of All HPS - Related Research Funding Received from Funding Agencies
•Comprehensive Educational Model Research of Mild Cognitive Impairment Based On Peer Coaching Theory. The Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education.  (Project No. 20120141110052. 2012)
• Research of Promotion and Application of Appropriate Technology in Medical Institutions of Rural Basic Level. Hubei Province Major Technology Project. (Project No.1315594. Principal. Research Fund 200,000RMB. 2009)
• Research of Rural Medical System Reform in Hubei Province. National Development And Reform Commission (Project No. 1315597. Principal. Research fund 200,000 RMB. 2009.
• Study on Comprehensive Evaluation of Birth Control Methods. The 11th Five-Year Major State-Supporting Technology Project (Project No. 152635, Sub-project Principal, Research Fund 150,000RMB. 2007)
• Chinese Dementia Care Research Center: Infrastructure, Training and Pilot Studies. NIH. (Project No. 5R21AG028180. Co-Principal Investigator. 2008-2011).

Current Academic Awards and List of Major Published Paper

• Practice Research of Training Model of International and Interdisciplinary Talents of Innovation from Public Health Field (Wuhan University Educational Reform Project). Second Prize of Excellent Teaching Results from Wuhan University. 2012
• Investigation of Domestic Chinese Medicine Status (State Chinese Medicine Administration Bureau Project). Award of Excellent Organization from State Chinese Medicine Administration Bureau. 2011
• The 11th Five-Year Major State-Supporting Technology Project. Second Prize of Excellent Technology Results from State Population and Family Planning Commission. 2011  
• Research of Rural Health Protection in Hubei Province. The Third Prize of Development and Research from Hubei Provincial Government. 2010
• Study on Status and Countermeasures of Migrant Workers HIV Prevention Propaganda In Hubei Province (Sino-British AIDS Project). The Third Prize of Excellent Research Results from Hubei Provincial Government. 2009
• Dai B, Mao Z, Mei J, Levkoff S, Wanq H, Pacheco M, Wu B. Caregivers in China: Knowledge of Mild Cognitive Impairment. PLOS One. 2013
• Wu B, Yue Y, Mao Z. Self-Reported Functional and General Health Status Among Older Respondents in China: The Impact of Age, Gender, and Place of Residence. Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health. 2011.
• Dai B, Zhou J, Mei YJ, Wu B, Mao Z. Can the New Cooperative Medical Scheme Promote Rural Elders' Access to Health-Care Services? Geriatrics & Gerontology International2011. 11(3):239-45.
• Wu B, Mao Z.F, Zhong R. Y. Long-term Care Arrangements in Rural China: Review of Recent Developments. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association.2009;10(7):472-7.
• Wu B, Mao Z, Xu Q. Institutional Care for Elders In Rural China. J Aging Soc Policy.2008;20(2):218-39.
• Wu B, Mao Z.F., Rockett IR, Yue Y. Socioeconomic Status and Alcohol Use Among Urban and Rural Residents in China. Subst Use Misuse. 2008;43(7):952-66.
• Mao Z, Wu B. Urban-rural, Age and Gender Differences in Health Behaviors in the Chinese Population: Findings from A Survey in Hubei, China. Public Health.2007,121(10):761-4.

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