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Two Inspiring Workshops Will Be Held at the 45th APACPH

On October 25, two scientifically educational workshops titled “Scientific Writing for Journal Publication in Public Health” and “How to Monitor Environmental Waters for Human Enteric Viruses”, respectively, will be launched at the 45th APACPH in Wuhan, China.

The first workshop will cover topics on how to write a qualified academic paper for publication in the Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health or equivalent. In this workshop, participants will be taught the structure of a scientific paper, and how to prepare a scientific manuscript for publication in a journal. The second workshop mainly focuses on environmental research. It will provide participants with the hands-on training regarding how to concentrate, recover, and detect enteric viruses from environmental waters, including some laboratory protocols that recently established.

Professor Wah-Yun Low, Professor Colin Binns and Professor Yuanan Lu are the lecturers on these workshops.

Professor Low is a professor of Psychology who works in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya. She will serve as a member of Academic Committee of 45th APACPH conference. Professor Low is actively engaged in teaching, research, service and consultancy. Up to now, she has published 20 books and about 200 publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Professor Binns is from School of Public Health, Curtin University. He serves as a member of Academic Committee of 45th APACPH conference. Professor Binns has published 450 articles in scientific journals and was given the award of Senior Western Australian of the Year 2004, the Research Australia Lifetime Achievement Award (2010) and the Asia Pacific Clinical Nutrition Award (2012).

Professor Lu is a professor and Director of the Environmental Health Laboratory at the Department of Public Health Sciences at the University of Hawaii. He will serve as one of the two co-chairs of the Organizing Committee of 45th APACPH. His research interest focuses primarily on environmental and medical virology, with the goal of employing cutting-edge molecular biology and virology technology for the development of novel strategies for effective detection and diagnosis, preventive and therapeutic approaches to combat pathogenic viruses of humans and marine species.

These workshops will be an excellent chance to help attendees improve scientific writings, increase writing techniques and expand knowledge of environment diseases from the lens of enteric viruses.

In view of the academic prestige and rich experience of the above mentioned three professors, the two workshops have attracted many participants. The professors also express their warm welcome to more upcoming participants.

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