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Internal Coordinative Meeting for 45th APACPH Conference in Wuhan University

At 10:30 on July 10, 2013, Youmei Feng, the Executive Vice President of Wuhan University, hosted the internal coordinative meeting for the 45th APACPH conference at the Administration Building. Attendees are the leaders and directors from International Communication Department, Finance Department, Propaganda Department, School of Economics and Management, Logistics Department, Security Department, Alumni Association, School Hospital and School of Public Health and so on.

At the coordinative meeting, Prof. Zongfu Mao, dean of the School of Public Health (undertaker of the 45th APACPH conference), reported the specific issues that need to be supported and assisted by the related departments. To ensure the success of the upcoming conference, the leaders of each department assured Dean Mao that they would give their best supports and assistance to School of Public Health to ensure the success of th45th APACPH conference.

At the end of the meeting, Executive Vice President Feng delivered a concluding remark. At first she fully affirmed the preparatory work having being done by the School of Public Health. Then, she appreciated each department for their positive response. Finally, she pointed out the difficulties and key points of these important preparatory works. Pertaining to the subsequent preparatory work, President Feng suggested that each issue should be reviewed over and over again. Prompt report to leaders was required when confronted with any difficulties or problems.

Additionally, to ensure the 45th APACPH conference a smooth and efficient proceeding, President Feng affirmed that another internal coordinative meeting would be held before the opening of the conference.

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